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What is a private jet?

In the event that the use of a personal jet would bring advantages, it is crucial to look for the solution that challenges your needs and expectations. Acquisition or rental, ancillary costs and expenses, selection criteria, etc. are elements to be analysed in advance. More informations : . To find the right aircraft, we must first look at what is best for your needs.

Maintenance of a private aircraft

The costs of maintaining, parking and operating a private aircraft should not be underestimated: they also represent a considerable budget for the year. Among the operating costs, you will have to propose a budget to pay the pilots, although the flight crew, ground technicians performing aircraft maintenance, kerosene or jet insurance and taxes from their private airports. When the jet is not in use, consider postponing the cost of renting a space in a hangar or parking lot. Before you rush to the first available jet, do a cost-benefit analysis of your investment. 350 to 400 hours per year can justify the purchase of a jet aircraft. If not, you can consider a lease. Think about the expenses. We need to add the insurance number, the crew,

The costs of their private jet

To start the costs of their private jet, many owners then offer to rent their aircraft when they are not using it. This requires placing the jet under an Air Operator's Certificate. Condominium is also an alternative, as it allows you to share the expenses of one or two people and the purchase of a personal jet. The purchase of a private jet is intriguing for men and women who fly more than 400 hours a year. Otherwise, leasing, which makes it possible not to invest too much in the management of the equipment or its maintenance, will probably be "relatively" more rewarding!

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